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“I Came Here Alone At First Praying For Child Now I’m Here With My Wife And Son”– Cute Abiola Appreciate God Work In His Life As He Celebrates New Year

Lawyer Kunle’s heartfelt expression of gratitude on Instagram reflects the profound journey he has undergone over the past few years. In his post, he shares the poignant narrative of his visits to Mecca, symbolizing different phases in his life.

The first visit to Mecca was a solitary plea to Allah for the blessing of a child, an earnest desire that weighed on his heart. The second time he returned, it was with his wife, her pregnancy beautifully evident, marking the fulfillment of their prayers. Now, on his third visit, Lawyer Kunle is accompanied by both his wife and their son—a testament to the transformative power of faith and the answered prayers they’ve received.

The post is not just a celebration of personal milestones but a profound acknowledgment of God’s grace and benevolence in his life. Lawyer Kunle expresses deep gratitude for everything that has unfolded, recognizing the divine blessings that have shaped his family.

As he looks ahead to 2024, Lawyer Kunle carries an optimistic spirit, praying for continued blessings and a future filled with even more joy and prosperity. The post serves as an inspiring testimony, reminding others of the power of faith, resilience, and the importance of acknowledging and appreciating life’s blessings.

He Wrote On Facebook: The first time I came to macca, I came here Alone begging for a child from Allah,
The second time, I came here with my wife with a Baby bump,
This is The third time, I am here with my wife and my Son ! God we are grateful for everything ❤️😭.
2024 will be better 🙏 happy new year

GRATEFUL FOR EVERYONE YA ALLAH ! Check The slides For an Inspiring Story ❤️ Great Testimony ❤️ 2024 will only Get Better ! Alhamdulilah for Everything
Mines 😍😍😍 @wb_jnr @mahma_____

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Iamtrinityguy wrote: Alhamdulilahi robilhalamin
May God answer our prayers too as he answered your Amin 🤲🤲🥲

Mahma wrote: Alhamdullilah ya Allah 🙏🙏 thank you 😊 our sponsor 👏 owo baba Amir 🙌🙌 ekun oko Anike 💋 No rival 😂 baba baba won 💯 for life!!!! ❤️

Misnoble wrote: Who said God nodon’t answer prayers? That’s a sacred place. Ya Allah please bless every womb. Let them feel the joy of pregnancy and baby🙏🙏🙏

Mhiz_mathilda1 wrote: Nigga leave una go marry decent and calm understanding lady, leave una weh him deh use trend one side . How do you feel when someone walks up to you or remembers you for that girl deh said @thecuteabiola f@cked ? Meanwhile, nigga is already married with kids o and no one will ever question him , they’ll even congratulate him on top , call am b@D guy lol . Wise up o

Iam_kanmissioner wrote: Nothing is sweater than when all your in shaa Allahu becomes Alhamdulilahi. 🥺 Ya Allahu remember me too in this new year 🙏

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