Cruising All Alone, Bukola Arugba Says As She Sing Love Song All Alone Inside A Car In A New Video (Watch)

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Actress Bukola Arugba has shared a video of herself inside a car listening to music all alone.

The actress reveals she is cruising all alone inside the car wearing a yellow top and trousers.

The actress look very beautiful and charming In her dress even without makeup up but cruising along without his husband, and twins does not make thing proper

The actress has been trying to compose herself since she left her ex-husband Damola Olatunji and even went ahead to promise their twins that she would do everything possible to take care of the babies, it’s not easy for a woman to do that alone.

Watch The Video Below;

Fans hail her for being a strong woman since she left her husband alone. See the reaction below;

Temi.top63: Sincerely I don’t want it to end 🤦🤦you’ve got a lovely voice

Labowale5: Daddy’s song 🎵…. Kingdom come I love all the tracks

Iamtofunmer: Out of many princesses, there’s only one queen charming which is @oluwabukola_arugba ❤️❤️❤️. Much love

Worldbestofnaija: Bukky, everything’s sure gonna be fine. However, update this post, it’s says d music is ur original. That can cause u losing d page. Pls correct asap!!!

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng