Congratulations Pour In As Nollywood Actress Lolade Okunsanya Shows Her Pregnancy Pump Online.

Nollywood actress Lolade Okunsanya recently shared a photo of her pregnancy bump online, aiming to dispel doubts about her pregnancy. Despite her efforts, some still questioned its authenticity, suspecting it to be an April Fool’s joke rather than a genuine pregnancy announcement. However, amidst the skepticism, fans and fellow celebrities have extended their congratulations, acknowledging her current journey towards motherhood.

Read social media reaction below;

Kingfadekemi wrote: If them born you well,no give me pikin this year
All of una go think say na play, wo!!! Una no gree marry, una dey misbehave 😂I give all of you till end of the year

Loly_kay wrote: The way I was watching slide 3 and am having this kind of joy that I can’t explain 😂🤩🤩 like I wish it was real 🤣😩🤭 I love you mama😍

Robertcobrafoster wrote: Wetin I wan tell mama say person I Dey crush on don get belle and it’s not mine😢

Wilsonusad wrote: When you’re ready you will remove the fake pregnancy bump! Everywhere good 😂

Sommyeto wrote: Why is the nose still fine, pregnancy and fine nose has nothing in common.It extends to the nose,until that nose rises like puff puff before I believe 😂

Yomex247 wrote: See as u fine with pregnancy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Na triplet oooo

Ariyiikedimples wrote: No be only banana…we go first give an bungalow for Corn Island (Agbado)🌚🤣

See her post below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng