Congratulations Pour In As Nollywood Actor Owolabi Ajasa Become The First Ambassador Of Turicjo Properties

Nollywood actor Owolabi Ajasa has achieved another milestone in his career by securing a prestigious ambassadorial deal with Turicjo Properties in Ogun State. The real estate firm made the exciting announcement on their Instagram page, proudly introducing Owolabi Ajasa as the first ambassador for their esteemed company.

Known for his roles, particularly as a policeman in the Yoruba movie industry, Owolabi Ajasa has now added the title of ambassador to his list of accomplishments. The collaboration between the actor and Turicjo Properties marks a significant partnership, showcasing the growing influence of actors in endorsing and representing brands in various industries.

Turicjo Properties expressed their enthusiasm for having Owolabi Ajasa as their ambassador, highlighting his status as a prominent figure in the Yoruba movie industry. The announcement has sparked a wave of congratulations from netizens who appreciate the actor’s success and the recognition he has received from Turicjo Properties.

As actors increasingly become ambassadors for diverse brands, Owolabi Ajasa’s new role signifies not only personal achievement but also the expanding opportunities for collaboration between the entertainment industry and other sectors. The positive reactions from fans and well-wishers underscore the impact of such partnerships in elevating the profile of both the actor and the real estate firm.

Turicjo Properties Wrote: The first Ambassador of Turicjol Properties @owolabiajasa1 . The Executive Governor of TAMPAN in Ogun State, Nigeria. See the post below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng