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Congratulations Pour In As Actress Jumoke Odetola Acquired New Building Worth Over 400Million (Watch)

Nollywood actress Jumoke Odetola has set social media abuzz with congratulations pouring in as she shared a video showcasing her newly acquired house. The actress, radiant with joy, expressed her excitement and gratitude in the Instagram post, sharing the moment of accomplishment with her fans and followers.

In the video, Jumoke Odetola revealed her new property and extended her heartfelt congratulations to herself as the “latest landlady.” While the actress didn’t explicitly announce the house as hers, her choice of words and the celebratory tone ignited a wave of congratulations from fans who were quick to recognize the significance of the moment.

The actress attributed the delivery of the new building to ZylusHomes, the company responsible for the construction. By mentioning the company, Jumoke Odetola also indirectly endorsed their work, potentially creating a positive ripple effect for the real estate company.

The post generated an outpouring of well-wishes from fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry, celebrating Jumoke Odetola’s achievement and expressing admiration for her success. The congratulatory messages underscore the supportive community within the Nollywood family and the excitement that comes with celebrating each other’s milestones.

As Jumoke Odetola basks in the joy of becoming a homeowner, her journey serves as inspiration for many aspiring individuals, highlighting the rewards of hard work and dedication in the competitive world of entertainment. The celebratory atmosphere on her Instagram page reflects the shared joy among her followers, turning the actress into a source of inspiration for those who look up to her in the entertainment industry. 🏠🎉

It’s may be her new home and a big congratulations from all of us at Gossipinfo Entertainment

She Wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords 🎉
@zylushomes Dey deliver📌

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Drekay_king wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords @jumokeodetola I’m getting one soon 😍

Luxe_wallmart wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords😍

Modupeola376 wrote: Congratulations to the latest landlords

Woli_divine_ekiti_crew wrote: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations 🎊 ❤️ Favorite 🤩

Obas_art_wrok wrote: Please I need a reply from @jeyten_productions @jumokeodetola

See the full video of the house below;