Congratulations pour as Zainab Bakare set to release her first cinema movie that will beat Jagun Jagun movie

Nollywood actress and filmmaker Zainab Bakare is gearing up for a significant release with her upcoming film, ‘Iyunade’. Currently undergoing post-production, ‘Iyunade’ is expected to deliver a visually captivating and culturally enriching experience to viewers.

Directed by Segun Ogungbe and shot in Ogun State, the film features a talented ensemble cast, including Odunlade Adekola, Peter Fatomilola, Digboluja, Bose Akinola, Wunmi Ajiboye, Segun Ogungbe, and others.

Reports indicate that Corporate Pictures will handle the marketing and distribution of the movie, while media and publicity will be managed by Iris Olakunle Bello of Emiralty Africa Arts Creation @emiraltyafrica.

For Bakare, ‘Iyunade’ represents a dream come true. “I feel great doing this,” she shared. “I have always dreamt of producing an epic movie. I am a lover of culture and the beauty of it.” While acknowledging the challenges of
producing an epic film, she shared, “This is a defining moment for me as a filmmaker. It pleases me even more that my first attempt as a producer of an epic
movie is coming out beautifully. Though challenging, it is a project that has opened my eyes and mind to what lies
ahead for me as a professional filmmaker.

Idris Olakunle Bello echoing Bakare’s optimism stated, “The movie is a great one, and has all it takes to do well at the box office. I commend the producer’s vision and energy. It shows how committed she is to the craft. Zainab
Bakare’s partnership with Corporate Pictures film productions is an indication of a beautiful working relationship which stemmed from dedication and growth.”
Bakare’s previous films as a producer include ‘Sister Esther’ ‘Pasan’, ‘Oniduro Alhaji’, and ‘Okanjua”, With ‘lyunade’, she appears ready to make her mark on the

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng