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Congratulations pour as actress Kemity wins Actress Of The Year Award At Cool Wealth

Congratulations are in order for Nigerian actress Ariyo Oluwakemi Apesin, popularly known as Kemity, who has achieved a notable milestone by winning the Most Prominent Actress title at the prestigious Cool Wealth Awards 2024.

The Cool Wealth Awards stand as a distinguished platform, recognizing excellence in African media, entertainment, performers, products, and cultural legacy. Kemity, born on September 29 in the 1980s in Cotonou, Benin Republic, has undoubtedly made a significant mark in the entertainment industry, earning acclaim for her talent and contributions.

Sharing her elation on the accomplishment, Kemity took to her official Instagram page to express gratitude to her fans, emphasizing the impact of their votes in securing her victory. Her joyful message included special thanks to her team and a heartfelt appreciation for the support from her boss, @iteledicon01.

Her Instagram post exudes a sense of triumph and appreciation, capturing the essence of a journey marked by hard work and dedication. The acknowledgment of her fans’ contribution, along with gratitude to the Almighty and her team, adds a personal touch to the celebratory announcement.

The hashtags #omoitele, #omofunke, and #worldfamouskemity reflect not only Kemity’s pride in her identity and craft but also resonate with her admirers who have followed her career with enthusiasm.

As Kemity continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, the Cool Wealth Award serves as a testament to her prominence and impact in the field. The recognition not only elevates her status but also reinforces her dedication to the craft of acting.

In a world that recognizes and honors excellence, Kemity’s win at the Cool Wealth Awards 2024 underscores her significance as a prominent actress in the African entertainment landscape. The celebratory post stands as a moment of reflection, gratitude, and triumph for Kemity and her supporters. Kemity had a passion for acting in secondary school while performing in numerous stage plays.

She started acting in 2005. She has starred in movies such as Return of Kesari, Zino, Ologbon Meji, Omo Alhaji, Ayanmo, Idi Arere, Ashabi Akata, Iyawo Keji, Olamiotan,

She is the founder of Kemity Productions where she has produced several movies such as Kemi Animashaun, Imole. She produced her first movie Kemi Animashaun in 2014.

She is also a costume designer and makeup artiste. She has been on set as a makeup artist for a countless movies.

As a businesswoman, she is the owner of Kemityempire limited where she deals with all kinds of pure gold chain.

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