Congratulations abound as the Oba Oniba of Iba generously presents his father with a multi-million naira brand-new SUV.

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Heartfelt congratulations are flowing in as Oba Adeshina Sulaimon Raji, the revered Oniba of Iba Kingdom, made a grand and touching gesture by presenting his father with a brand new Toyota SUV.

This heartwarming act of generosity was captured in a viral video that has been circulating across social media platforms. In the video, the monarch, Oba Adeshina Sulaimon Raji, can be seen gifting his father the luxurious Toyota SUV, a gesture that reflects immense love and respect.

The Toyota SUV, valued at over 40 million Naira, symbolizes not only the monarch’s material affluence but also his deep-rooted appreciation and commitment to his family, particularly his father.

The act of gifting such a valuable and prestigious vehicle is a testament to the strong bonds and traditions that are upheld within the royal family, showcasing the importance of familial ties in Nigerian culture. This extraordinary display of filial love and generosity has undoubtedly earned the Oniba of Iba Kingdom, Oba Adeshina Sulaimon Raji, the admiration and well-wishes of many.

Infotrend previously reported that the monarch took it upon himself to provide food items to his community as a palliative measure in response to the fuel subsidy removal’s impact.

The announcement of this initiative was shared on his official Instagram page, where he stated:

“The beginning of a journey is always a yardstick to adjudge the end result. It is undeniable that the removal of subsidies has had a significant impact on the masses. However, facing reality means accepting the challenges that come with it. If we genuinely seek radical change in our socio-political and economic landscape, we must be willing not only to make substantial sacrifices but also to remain positive even in the midst of adversity.

With this in mind, I made the decision not to let the effects of subsidy removal overwhelm my people (the residents of IBA TOWN). I encourage all well-meaning Nigerians who have the means to understand that addressing the current challenges in our society is not the sole responsibility of the government but a collective effort.

I express my gratitude to the Almighty for granting me the opportunity to bring this initiative to fruition for the people of my town.


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng