“Finally I Don Make It”– Davido sent me a DM and asked for N50K, says he is stranded And I Send It Instantly– Comedian Woli Arole say.

Woli Arole, the popular comedian and actor, recently made a surprising revelation on his verified Instagram page, suggesting that Davido, the renowned Nigerian musician, had reached out to him through direct messages seeking financial assistance. The claim has sparked curiosity and discussions within the entertainment community, as it sheds light on the dynamics of financial interactions even among high-profile individuals.

In a post shared on the night of January 3rd, 2023, Woli Arole expressed excitement and pride in sharing this unexpected development with his audience. The post hinted at a sense of disbelief as he mentioned that he never anticipated Davido would reach out to him, especially for financial assistance amounting to N50K.

The revelation adds an intriguing twist to their interaction, raising questions about the circumstances that led Davido, despite his billionaire status, to allegedly request financial help. Woli Arole’s post humorously questioned if it was the real Davido or an impersonator, creating a light-hearted atmosphere around the unexpected DM exchange.

Such disclosures within the entertainment industry can trigger discussions about the financial aspects of celebrities’ lives, showcasing the human side behind their public personas. The revelation, if true, emphasizes that everyone, regardless of their status, may encounter moments of need or vulnerability.

As discussions unfold, fans and followers await any potential response or clarification from Davido, further adding an element of anticipation to this unexpected revelation within the Nigerian entertainment sphere. 📅🤔💰

Woli Agba wrote;” I am proud of myself tonight, really proud “Davido sent me DM and asked for 50k he say he Dey stranded, I sent him the money”. Wait guys Abi na fake Davido? Help your prophet Oo00.”

See his post below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng