“I Promise I Will Not Steal Tomorrow, Your Things Are Safe” – Comedian Erekere Beg Nigerian To Please Show Up For His Show Tomorro

Celebratory Encounter: Comedian Thepastorpikin and Abu Ebel’s Financial Bond

In a delightful turn of events, the renowned comedian Thepastorpikin, affectionately known as Erekere, recently shared an intriguing snapshot alongside the prominent business mogul, Abu Ebel. Breaking the news on social media, Erekere disclosed that Abu Ebel had not just shaken but significantly impacted his financial world with a substantial sum of money.

Expressing his excitement, Erekere couldn’t contain his anticipation for the upcoming rendezvous with Abu Ebel at his live show. The comedian playfully hinted at the weight of the financial gesture, teasing about the sizeable dent it has made in his bank account. Such a public endorsement of financial support further solidifies the camaraderie between the comedic maestro and the generous business mogul.

Erekere took a moment to express his gratitude, acknowledging Abu Ebel for consistently being a reliable pillar of support. It’s evident that this isn’t merely a transactional relationship but a genuine bond built on trust and mutual appreciation. The comedian made it clear that Abu Ebel has been there for him since day one, providing assistance whenever needed.

As anticipation builds for Erekere’s live performance at the Jogor Center in Ibadan, he lightened the mood by assuring his audience that there won’t be any “stealing” involved in his act. This playful assurance is likely to resonate with his fans, showcasing Erekere’s unique ability to blend humor with gratitude. It appears that Erekere is not only a master of comedy but also an artist who values and acknowledges the support he receives from individuals like Abu Ebel.

The social media post not only serves as a glimpse into the personal connection between Erekere and Abu Ebel but also generates buzz around the comedian’s upcoming performance. The synergy of laughter and generosity seems to be at the heart of this dynamic relationship, creating a positive ripple effect that resonates with fans and followers alike.

He wrote: My Daddyyyyyy My Dadddyyyyyy! He Just Shake My Account With Big Meter,Can’t Wait To See You Tomorrow Baba Baba @abel_egbarin

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Ola_famous wrote: How far @thepastorpikin … shake my own aza with big Kilometer..🫶🫶.

Cuzzo_dc wrote: When person go see meter like this ooo 😂 e be like na meter month we dey

Femzy_001_ Wrote: Omo eya ereke see how u look stressed cus of the show 🥹 mehn u really put up a hard work on this ur show I pray it will favour u and us too. U need to go to Costa Rica to relax very well after this show oo and u resume back next year yh , I’m a big fan✌️❤️.

Uglygod_1 Wrote: 🔥🔥🔥 oya oya he don talk say he no go steal😂 don’t just like without buying ticket Biko 🙌 SOLDOUT!!!.

Migh_tydon wrote: Why your voice bigger then your head like this 😂😂😂😂😂 make I come and lose my favorite shoe 👟 Abi 😂😂😂😂 Dey play 😂😂😂

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