“Come and control this girl Abeg” – Portable reacts as highly endowed lady loses it after meeting him (Watch)

A compelling video surfaced online, depicting an unforgettable interaction between a curvaceous woman and the renowned singer Portable, captivating viewers with the fan’s intense admiration. The video initially captured the thrilling moment when Portable was gifted a luxurious Mercedes Benz S350 convertible by a generous Real Estate Mogul, igniting jubilant celebrations among his team. However, amid the festivities, attention turned to the enamored woman whose overwhelming adoration for Portable stole the spotlight. Despite Portable’s status as a father of five with three different partners, the enchanting woman found herself completely infatuated with the singer, unable to contain her excitement in his presence.

As the encounter unfolded, the lady’s fervent admiration for Portable reached unprecedented heights, prompting the singer to enlist the assistance of those around him to help manage the overwhelming attention bestowed upon him by the enthusiastic admirer.

The video has since ignited a flurry of discussions online, with many viewers expressing their astonishment at the lady’s unabashed display of affection towards Portable, despite his existing family commitments.

Witness the unforgettable moment unfold in the video below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng