“Chai, We No Dey Carry Last All Way Na Way”– Viral Video Of A Woman Hawking Low Budget Milky Dooughnuts Trend Online

In an online video posted by a woman, there was a significant response as she sold affordable, creamy chocolate-filled doughnuts on the street, attracting a rush of eager customers. The doughnuts, slightly smaller and more budget-friendly than the popular ones, catered to those unable to afford the pricier options, leading to high demand and patronage.

Read social media reaction below;

Nohpheesat wrote: May God bless her hustle, she just notice it is what is trending and decide to sell it too

Just_joy665 wrote: If no be fake life
Wetin concern Akwa ibom girls 🌚 and milky doughnut 🍩 Wetin do Afang soup 🙄

Topbakerng wrote: At least she’s feeding her family. She’s not a begger. She should be encouraged and not mocked as ‘low budget’. Some of her customers can afford more but they choose to encourage her on this economy

Thejuicecafe wrote: Omo I knew this lady while I was staying in abesan estate. It’s so good to see her . May God bless her hustle ! 🙌👏

Deep.introvert wrote: Wait did she just use her bare hand to pick it up? Wtf I liked the vibe until then

Zainab.ayoo wrote: May God bless her hustle, she’s only trying to sell what is trending

Watch The Video Below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng