“Calling you mommy, fills my heart with warmth” Queen pens adorable birthday message to her mother-in-law

Reality TV star Queen Mercy Atang expressed warm birthday wishes to her mother-in-law via her social media platform. Sharing stunning photos of her mother-in-law and nostalgic snapshots from her wedding day, she affectionately referred to her as “mommy,” conveying heartfelt sentiments. Additionally, she playfully acknowledged her mother-in-law as the “king of boys,” humorously referencing her role in raising sons. A touching video captured a tender moment between them, showcasing their bond.

“Wishing a joyful birthday to my dear mother-in-law. When I think about addressing you as “mommy,” it fills my heart with warmth Amidst countless thoughts swirling in my mind, the simplest and most profound sentiment is gratitude.

Thank you for your unwavering love, for standing by both David and i, for your steadfast support, and for your comforting words that always resonate deeply.

You are truly cherished, my beloved King of boys I love you mom. You’re amazing

Your presence in our lives is a precious treasure that shines brightly.

You’re a rare gem

Please monarchs, if you’re not too busy, pls help me drop a sweet word of prayer for my mother in-law.

She’s more than amazing. Happy birthday mommy”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng