Call kizz Daniel Bouncer come, I’m well prepared, Nollywood actor Zubby Michael visit gym house as he set to fiight Kizz Daniel bouncer video spark reactions (watch video)

A recent viral video showcasing veteran Nollywood actor Zubby Michael working out at the gym has ignited a flurry of reactions on social media. However, what initially seemed like a routine fitness activity took an unexpected turn as fans speculated about a potential face-off between Zubby Michael and Kizz Daniel’s formidable bouncer, Kelvin Power.

The video, posted on Zubby Michael’s official Instagram page, features the millionaire actor engaged in a workout session, accompanied by the caption, “U and who dey laugh.” This cryptic caption fueled speculations and discussions among fans, with many interpreting it as a challenge or a playful jab.

The situation gained further traction when supporters of Kelvin Power, Kizz Daniel’s renowned bouncer, responded by making it rain with money, eliciting a smile from the robust security personnel. The financial gesture from Kelvin Power’s supporters added an unexpected layer to the unfolding drama.

The social media buzz around this incident reflects the intriguing dynamics of celebrity culture and fan interactions. Fans often engage in playful banter, creating a unique online atmosphere where even lighthearted posts can escalate into larger-than-life scenarios.

As the narrative unfolds, the speculation around a potential encounter between Zubby Michael and Kelvin Power continues to capture the attention of social media users. It serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and entertaining nature of online discourse within the realm of celebrity interactions.

Kizz Daniel’s celebrity bouncer gained widespread attention when the musician showcased him on the internet. Recently, a Nigerian soldier voiced a threat due to the bouncer dressing in military attire for a performance. Despite facing opposition, civilians continue to show admiration, expressing their affection by showering him with cash. The video sparked various reactions:

– Papiiitino questioned the safety of Kizz Daniel during these incidents, humorously asking, “Please who is protecting our Kizz Daniel while all this is going on? 😂”

– Mayorsoj playfully remarked, “Kizz Daniel’s bouncer don Blow pass em Oga 😂😂”

– W.u.r.a.h inquired, “Abeg where dem dey learn bouncer work? E be like say nah the next update be that 😂”

– _mirajones_ humorously noted, “Bodyguard too don get fans 😂”

– Obashortlets anticipated, “Soon this bouncer go need bouncer.”

The reactions capture the lighthearted and entertaining nature of the online community’s response to the viral video, highlighting the unexpected popularity and fanfare surrounding Kizz Daniel’s bouncer.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng