Bukola Arugba, My Ex-Wife dealt with me during her twins Pregnancy – Damola Olatunji opens up (Details)

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Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji has shared insights into the challenges he faced while his wife, Bukola Arugba, was pregnant with their twins. Speaking in a recent interview with Emmanuel Ojo, Damola Olatunji, a father of twins, revealed, “During my wife’s twin pregnancy, it wasn’t an easy journey, but I found joy in it, especially as we anticipated the arrival of our children.”

He continued, “I vividly remember moments when my wife would express cravings, and I would go out of my way to fulfill them. However, there were instances when she’d change her mind or react differently. She developed allergies to certain things and even disliked the sound of ringing phones. I had to adapt, silencing my phone and altering my clothing choices. It was a time of catering to her needs and ensuring her comfort.”

Sharing his experience of becoming a father to twins, Damola Olatunji said, “The day the twins were born stands as one of the happiest days of my life. I had always admired twins and had a personal connection as my paternal grandmother was a twin. Despite our strained relationship, she used to jest that I would have twins, which I liked. I had even told my wife we would have twin boys, while she thought it might be twin girls. In the end, we were blessed with a boy and a girl, mirroring my grandmother’s experience. This brought me immense excitement.”

Reflecting on how fatherhood transformed him, Damola Olatunji noted, “Fatherhood has taught me a great deal. Previously, my actions were primarily for my own satisfaction, but now, I consider my family’s happiness as well. My children view me as a role model, asking questions and seeking guidance. This generation of children is more inquisitive, requiring explanations and reasons for actions. I’m mindful of my influence on them, ensuring I set a positive example.”

He added, “My profession demands time away from home, but I’ve become selective in my choices to prioritize spending time with my kids. Even when there’s someone else to care for them, there’s a unique role I play in their lives that no one else can fulfill. I recognize that a strong family foundation contributes to a thriving society, and I’m committed to raising my children well.”

Damola Olatunji concluded, “The challenges and rewards of fatherhood have shaped my perspective, guiding me to be a responsible and present father for my children

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng