Boss Mi I No Fit Disrespect You, Olamide Says Few Hours After Jigan Babaoja Called Him Out

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Famous Nigerian musician Olamide took to social media to apologize to actor Jigan Babaoja after Jigan Babaoja had considered legal action against Olamide for making fun of his disability.

Olamide had shared a video on his social media page in which he sang a line from Asake’s song “2:30,” which was aimed at the actor’s disability.

In response, Jigan Baba Oja reposted the video and issued a warning that he would pursue legal action against the singer unless his concerns were addressed. Jigan Babaoja wrote, “We have a case ooooooo @olamide don price ooo court straight on Monday !!!!!! He’s either e press or meet us for court.”

However, Olamide responded in Yoruba language to Jigan’s post, clarifying that he had no intention of being disrespectful.

Olamide Badoo Wrote; Oga mi… mio yaju o .

See Jigan response: @olamide baba olaaaaaa if you don’t press before Monday ! We go scatter Nigeria !!! I go pkai before Monday if you no press ajeh

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng