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Why I shop every two months – Bobrisky brags as he shows off massive foodstuffs

In the midst of the prevailing economic challenges in the country, crossdresser Bobrisky has sparked discussions by offering insights into his shopping habits, particularly his practice of stocking up on foodstuffs every two months.

Taking to his Instagram page, the socialite showcased his sizable collection of food items while shedding light on his shopping routine. Bobrisky explained that he opts to shop for groceries and essentials every two months to ensure he has an ample supply on hand.

His revelation has ignited conversations online, with many expressing curiosity and admiration for his strategic approach to managing his household needs amidst the ongoing hardship experienced by many.

She wrote

Every two months I shop food stuffs for the house. Mummy of lagos hate lacking anything at home

Thanks to my market personal shopper”

Read comments below:

qgocnman said: “Senior man Nah old video be this nah”

centia_collection said: “I never see slay Queen wey like food pass Bob, Mummy of Lagos that can chop An am for Africa”

205flawless said: “Nawa Bob you de pepper our eye Abi watin you forget say all this food nah gold for market now anyways nah throwback bob don post this video before”

gorosoekiti said: “Isale oro yin ni egbin!!”

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