“This man got me big time, because I have never experienced such in my life” Biodun Okeowo emotional as her man surprises her in grand style

In a delightful continuation of last year’s tradition, the mysterious and thoughtful individual responsible for bringing joy to Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo’s life orchestrated another grand surprise for her birthday celebration. As reported by Infotrend, the actress, who turned 35 on Tuesday, December 26th, took to social media to share the magical moment and express her gratitude.

To mark her special day, the mother of two shared new photos and called for prayers from her fans and colleagues. However, the real highlight of her birthday was the grand surprise organized by her mystery “boo.” In a photo shared on social media, Biodun Okeowo revealed that her room was flooded with numerous gifts, roses, and love balloons, creating a magical atmosphere.

Expressing her astonishment, the actress stated that this surprise was something she had never experienced in her life. She used words like “Hmmmm” to convey the depth of her amazement, emphasizing that her mysterious companion had truly outdone himself this time.

The enchanting surprise not only added an extra layer of joy to Biodun Okeowo’s birthday celebration but also became a talking point among fans and followers on social media. The mysterious boo’s ability to consistently bring smiles and unexpected delights to the actress’s life has become a charming and heartwarming tradition that the actress and her fans eagerly anticipate each year.

“Hmmmm This man got me big time…
Today’s surprise was something I’ve never experienced in my life.

I am going to flood your timeline”.

Taking to her comment section, her fans and followers noted how the single mother of two deserves it.
Moyo Lawal wrote, “We are here for it

Funmi Tex wrote, “Happy Birthday my darling friend. God bless your new age

One I Am Queen Labby wrote, “You deserve it, my woman

One Locbeat wrote, “Well deserved

One I Am Debby Tee wrote, “You deserve it, mama

One Morenike Nwobodo wrote, “This is so beautiful

One Menna Bee Affairs wrote, “We are here for it o. You deserve it all & more!! Enjoy your day

One Ifeoluwa wrote, “Well deserved momma

One Triple Mide Fabrics And More wrote, “This is sweet

One Toluzy Mama wrote, “This is massive

One Oluwakemmy wrote, “This is beautiful”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng