Billionaires see me as hoot baddie; I’m living the real baby girl lifestyle, face you local wives – Bobrisky drag Portable

Following a confrontation with Verydarkman, the polarizing socialite, Bobrisky, has been flaunting his extravagant lifestyle and the high-profile individuals he associates with on his Instagram account. This comes after Verydarkman’s controversial remarks regarding Bobrisky’s alleged connections with senators and legislators.

He mentioned having a circle of ‘ballers’ who are always ready to fulfill his desires. Additionally, the crossdresser mentioned how the billionaires around him perceive him as an attractive woman, and he enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle.

He wrote:

“I’m not even competing with anyone…

I’m just living d real baby girl lifestyle. If all d real ballers around me see me as their baby girl for life and they are all doing everything I’m asking them to do biko who be those broke als to tell them who to spend their money on?

People with d real money BILLIONAIRES see me as a hot baddie, broke a sis crying on my comment section say i no girl biko is winning. 2024 join d winning girls stop crying in d comments section”

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Sources: Infotrend.com.ng