Bewaji bows to pressure after her husband Portable threaateens to send her packing over her birthday message to herself

Controversial Nigerian singer Portable’s wife, Bewaji Ewatomi, has yielded to pressure after the singer threatened to kick her out following her birthday message to herself. Bewaji celebrated her birthday yesterday, April 19th, 2024, sharing two birthday posts along with stunning photos.

However, her second birthday post, in which she referred to herself as the “Queen of herself,” didn’t sit well with Portable, who expected her to refer to herself as the Queen of Dr. Zeh.

Bewaji in the post wrote;  “Still my day ( THE QUEEN OF HERSELF) I am grateful 🥲 for the incredible journey of the life and the person I have become. On this special day.🫢 ( I LOVE 🤍 EVERYTHING ABOUT ME).😒✌️.”

Upon seeing the post, Portable expressed his anger in the comment section, accusing Bewaji of disrespecting him. He emphasized that he is the reason for her current position and that this incident was just the beginning. In another video, Portable was seen fuming, instructing his wife, Bewaji, to edit her birthday post or leave the house when she returns from South Africa.

He said in the video; “Bewaji you better go and edit your birthday message, Or pack out of my house right away, how dare you say you are a Queen of yourself, well thank God I have many queens, All your friends advising and misleading you want to sleep with me, If you like do not do what I have instructed you to do, Plènty women to replace you they outside and you will never return back to my mansion.”

However, a quick look at Bewaji’s Instagram page today, April 20th, 2024, confirms that she has yielded to her husband’s demands.

Bewaji’s Instagram page indicates that she has deleted her second birthday post where she referred to herself as the “Queen of herself,” leaving only her first birthday post.

The link to the second birthday post can’t be reached again while her first birthday post remains her last post,

See the second birthday post below;


Bewaji first birthday post reads;

She said; “Happy birthday to me. “Here’s to another year of growth, learning, and unforgettable moments. I wish myself a very happy birthday 🎉🎊. May this birthday 🥳 become one of the best birthdays of my life! Wishing my self a great 👍 birthday celebration 🍾 filled with all the love 🤍, joy 🤩 and blessings in the world 🌎. I feel so favored to be happy,healthy, and alive today.😒🫢🍾.”

See the IG post below;

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng