Believe it or not, Every soul will D!e, Video and Voice Note Surface Online As Sam Larry Rejoice Over The Death Of Mohbad Surface Online Watch

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The video of Lagos Socialite Sam Larry that recently surfaced online has prompted various reactions and discussions on social media platforms. Such videos often lead to public commentary and discussions, depending on their content and context.

The video that’s gaining attention on Instagram features Sam Larry celebrating in the wake of Mohbad’s passing. Such content can provoke strong reactions and discussions online, as it involves sensitive and controversial subject matter.

The video surfaced on the internet after Naira Marley’s close friend, Sam Larry, expressed that he had not played a role in Mohbad’s passing and that he genuinely cared for him before his untimely death. This statement from Sam Larry has generated attention and reactions from the public.

In the clip that has circulated online, Sam Larry’s voice could be heard saying that there is no case to be answered, as all issues have been resolved, given that the singer has sadly passed away. Such statements can be controversial and spark discussions about the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death.

The video has evidently not been well-received by netizens, and many internet users have begun expressing their strong displeasure and concerns regarding its content. This kind of response is common when sensitive or controversial videos emerge online.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

tydollar7701: For you that doesn’t understand what they said :. Samlarry say- mohbad he now in mortuary second guy replied he had been buried.

sunmisolaa_01: No case to answer yet you’re on the run😒 Come home na you go know say case plenty wey you go answer.

soanja7: All station settlement. No case to answer 😭😭😭.

xnowed_under: Na this one go be the last one wey you go do..Allah Walai.

c.a.l.i__: “Won ti gbe sin,All station settled…no case to answer” Ontop person life??💔💔

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng