Before Mohbad’s deaath there was a prophesy that Someone’s son was about to diie, but I didn’t know it was referring to me – Mohbad’s Mother reveal

Abosede, the mother of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad, has spoken out about her son’s demise. According to a report by Punch, Abosede revealed that before his death, there was a prophecy about the death of someone’s son, and although she prayed fervently, she didn’t realize it pertained to her own son until it was too late. She shared that she even went as far as contributing money for prayers to keep her son alive. Expressing her grief, Abosede mentioned that her son had promised her many things before his untimely death, and she had hoped that his fame would bring an end to her suffering.

Abosede said “Before his [Mohbad’s] death there was a prophesy that someone’s son was about to die, they asked all the mothers there to pray. I did not know that it was my own son that the prophecy pertained to. I also went to another prayer mountain and dropped N50,000 for prayers to keep my son alive. Before he died, he had promised me a lot of things. With the kind of glory (fame) my son died, I believed that my suffering was over. Joseph is responsible for scattering the family. I tried to take Mohbad from him, so that I could give him proper care, but couldn’t. I did not know my child would die that way”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng