“Beauty doesn’t make a good wife” – Isreal DMW backs Kizz Daniel amidst ‘she no even fine’ remarks

Celebrity logistic manager Isreal DMW supports Kizz Daniel, the well-known musician, in response to the criticism he received about the way his baby mama looked. Kizz Daniel had posted a video to Instagram of him and his infant mother cuddling, dancing to his song, and looking adorable.

However, some online users weren’t pleased with his baby mama’s appearance and made critical remarks, including comments about her looks and wig. In response, Isreal DMW advised Kizz Daniel to ignore side talks, while emphasizing that beauty isn’t the sole factor in the character of a good wife.

He encouraged the singer to prioritize peace of mind, which he emphasized as more crucial than physical beauty. Isreal also advised Kizz Daniel not to let negative comments about his wife’s appearance affect him.

“VADO. Beauty doesn’t make a good wife at home. All you need is rest of mind. Don’t give a f*ck,” he wrote.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng