Be like the gospel singer na the bride long time crush, Reactions trail Actress Ekene Umenwa response as gospel singer Moses Bliss made a surprise appearance at her wedding

Actress Ekene Umenwa’s reaction to gospel artist Moses Bliss’ unexpected appearance at her wedding has become a topic of discussion and garnered numerous reactions. The wedding ceremony of Actress Ekene Umenwa and her colleague, Alex Kleanson, was a beautiful event that took place on November 4, 2023.

Prior to their white wedding, the couple had a traditional wedding in Anambra State, attended by family and friends. The festivities continued with their white wedding, where they united in the presence of loved ones and colleagues who traveled to Edo State to witness this joyous occasion.

A heartwarming video captured the touching moment when Ekene was escorted into the church by her father, a cherished moment for everyone present. The exchange of marriage vows between Ekene and her husband in front of the gathered congregation was beautifully documented, adding to the emotional atmosphere of the day.

The wedding party included Wale Ojo and his fellow actors as Kleanson’s groomsmen, while Chinenye Nnebe, her sisters, and their squad shone as Ekene’s bridesmaids, donning stunning gowns that were sure to turn heads. It was a day filled with love and celebration, and the video below captures some of the memorable moments of the wedding.


Nonetheless, the reaction of actress Ekene Umenwa upon seeing gospel singer Moses Bliss has stirred a variety of responses online. When the host surprised actress Ekene Umenwa, she became extremely excited, playfully engaging with the host. However, her excitement didn’t stop there. She took a bold step by momentarily leaving her groom to approach the gospel singer and even knelt before him. Moments later, the groom tried to help her stand, but she ended up hugging the gospel singer.

This video has generated mixed reactions from viewers. Some have described it as embarrassing, suggesting that the actress didn’t show enough respect to her groom. Others have labeled it as razz behavior, with many speculating that the bride may have had a long-time crush on the gospel singer. On the other hand, some defended the bride, stating that her emotional response was simply due to the surprise and not indicative of anything more. The video captures this unexpected moment that has sparked discussions online.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng