Badoskyy!!! If I catch you, Funke Akindele figth with Eniola Badmus over her birthday message

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Eniola Badmus and Nollywood actress Funke Akindele have once more dispelled reports of hatred and fighting.

Eniola Badmus posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram page in honour of her longtime friend and senior colleague Funke Akindele’s 46th birthday today.
The curvy actress hoped that she would live a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

“Happy birthday Lafunky. Continue to live king momma in good health and wealth”.

Taking to her comment section, Funke Akindele poked fun at her as she referred to her as the First Daughter of Nigeria.

Expressing gratitude to her, she wrote,

“Badoskyy!!! Ode!!! First Daughter of Nigeria. Thank you so much!! If I catch you”.

Eniola Badmus pays back Funke Akindele, shuns her grand movie premiere

Recall that rumors of bad blood between the two made rounds after Eniola Badmus shunned Funke Akindele’s movie premiere.

While many Nollywood stars battled for the best-dressed at the Battle of Buka Streets premiere, Eniola Badmus was conspicuously absent.

Even though Eniola Badmus helped in putting up a promotional post for the movie, she ensured she was absent from the movie premiere to pay back Funke Akindele for the times she shunned her events too.

From her father’s burial to her 20 years on stage event and more, Funke Akindele is known not to always show up for Eniola Badmus’ events which sometimes gets many fans wondering what kind of friendship they had.

Choosing not to show up for Funke Akindele this time, Eniola Badmus around the same time the movie premiere was going on in Lagos went on her page to post a video of herself in celestial sultana dancing for joy.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng