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“This One Cannot Make Him To Love You More”– Massive Reaction As Ashabi Change To Muslim To Win Portable Heart

Ashabi Simple, often called online and recognized as the fourth baby mama of singer Portable, has recently sparked speculation about her religious journey. In a series of posts, she was seen dressed in Islamic attire, performing ablution, and praying in the Islamic way. While she mentioned that it was all part of a birthday photoshoot, there is speculation about her potential conversion to Islam, possibly to win the heart of her baby father, Portable.

The photos and captions suggest a deeper longing for Portable’s attention, who seems preoccupied with recent issues involving his manager on social media. Despite her efforts, Portable appears distant, focusing on other aspects of his life.

Ashabi expressed her desires and aspirations in a post, saying, “Allah, Allah, Allah, do not forsake me, do not shame me. Inaddy to #ellehabeeb ALHAJA lo la.” The caption hints at a prayerful plea for guidance and success in her endeavors, possibly related to her relationship with Portable.

In another post, she playfully mentions, “Pre birthday gift can start coming in oooo mo ma n gba transfer,” suggesting her openness to receiving gifts ahead of her birthday.

The situation unfolds against the backdrop of a dynamic relationship, with social media providing a platform for expressions of love, desires, and aspirations. Ashabi Simple’s journey, whether religious or personal, reflects the complexities of modern relationships played out in the public eye.

As the story develops, it remains to be seen how these personal and public elements will shape the narrative, making it a compelling chapter in the ongoing saga of Ashabi Simple and Portable’s relationship. The public is left to anticipate the next steps in this intriguing and occasionally turbulent digital love story.

She wrote: Allah allah allah do not forsake me , do not shame me 🙏
Inaddy to #ellehabeeb ALHAJA lo la 💃💃💃😋😋😋
Day 5/10 🙈💃💃💃💃
Pre birthday gift can start coming in oooo mo ma n gba transfer 🙈😟😂

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Quin_dunny wrote: 2024 no gree for your photographer and makeup artist change your plug

Meg_rash wrote: Don’t be a confused human being

Big_zee5 wrote: Iyawo werey Olorin😂

Only_one_pemisire wrote: Can’t wait to wish you mama 🥺❤️

Jerry_andrew1989 wrote: Lol iyawo olorin werey, portable baby mama, queen Dami will be added to the list in 2024.

Omoh2.2 wrote: See how beautiful you look in hijab

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