“As everyday passes I wish I could hold my son in my arms again” Debbie Shokoya cries as she remembers her lost, dedicates new movie to her dead child

Nollywood actress Debbie, also known as Deborah Shokoya, continues to navigate the painful journey of mourning following the passing of her child.

In a poignant tribute, the movie star has released a new film dedicated to her late child, accompanied by a touching note. Debbie expressed the enduring nature of certain pains that become ingrained in one’s being. Acknowledging the trauma that persists, she emphasized how these experiences contribute to building inner strength.

Dedicating her latest cinematic creation to her departed child, Debbie credited the deceased for unveiling her capacity to sacrifice without hesitation, for effortlessly forging paths, and ultimately revealing her true strength. In this emotional tribute, the actress pays homage to the lasting impact of her child’s presence in her life.

She added that every day passes and she wishes she could hold him in her arms again. Expressing her love for him/hër, she noted how God has better plans.

“Some Pain Never Goes Away, They Become Part Of You
Even Tho It’s Traumatizing, It Makes You Stronger…

This Movie Is Dedicated To My Cute Little One
The One Who Made Me Know I Could Sacrifice Without Giving A Second Thought
The One Who Came And Paved Ways Without Stress,
The One Who Sacrificed, So Mama Can Live.
The One Who Made Me Know That Truly I Am Strong!!!

Everyday Pass And I Wish I Could Hold You In My Arms Again,
Oh, My Sweet Gentle Understanding Baby…
I Love You With The Whole Of Me!!
But God Has Better Plans.

Starts Showing On The 18th Of January (This Thursday)
We Did It Together
I Can’t Wait For The World To See This Movie With Depth…
Blessings To Everyone Who Will Take Their Time To Watch!!”.

In another post, Debbie expressed desire that everyone who posted her during the incident could help promote her movie. Sharing a message to her fans, reminded them that no matter how dark life is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

It Will Mean So Much And Go A Long Way

There’s Always That Point In Everyone’s Life That We Give Huge Sacrifice Without Thinking About The Consequences
Remember, No Matter How Dark!!… There Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel”.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng