AREMUREBE 2023, Forever Is The Deal, Actress Biola Adekunle Surprises Her Fans As She Shares Engagement Video With Nollywood Actor Lekan Olatunji (Watch)

Actress Biola Adekunle shared heartwarming pictures with actor Lekan Olatunji at the premiere of his movie, “Life of A Single Father.” Expressing deep affection, Biola Adekunle declared that their bond is eternal, and nothing will separate them as they plan to grow old together.

Lekan Olatunji, in honor of his late wife, produced the movie “Life of A Single Father.” The premiere took place in front of his house, with Biola Adekunle portraying the role of his late wife. At the event, Lekan Olatunji expressed gratitude to Gistlover for their support, contributing a total sum of 20.1 million Naira. The premiere was a heartfelt occasion, with Biola Adekunle affirming that forever is the deal. The movie, “Life Of A Single Father,” is set to be released soon.

The video generated a reaction with Adufeomoniyi: Very responsible & respective to his wife he still has his wedding band on. May God strengthen him ijmn. Deecrown_beautyworld: Sade pepper 🌶️ like my mum fondly calls you 😍 Welldone 👏. Adunnyadeh19: I don’t know y I love you,thanks for supporting him,God bless u. William_banji: Thank u beautiful woman for making him laugh. Bola Rotimi: God bless you ma for making in laugh

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng