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“Na Santa Get This Period Now”– Reaction As Angry Father Christmas Asks Spiderman to Leave Xmas Party for Him [Video]

The Christmas party took an unexpected turn as Santa Claus and Spiderman amusingly vied for everyone’s attention, creating a festive showdown that left viewers in stitches.

In the video, the man embodying Santa Claus sported a displeased expression upon the arrival of another partygoer dressed as the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The tension escalated as Santa Claus, not one to share the limelight, stood up and boldly approached the web-slinger.

Santa Claus, with a touch of holiday authority, humorously asked Spiderman to leave the party, creating a festive face-off that unfolded before the amused onlookers. Even a passerby couldn’t intervene to resolve the whimsical dispute, adding to the hilarity of the moment.

The video, shared on X by Naija_PR, became a source of joy for viewers who enjoyed a good laugh in the comment section. The unexpected clash between Santa Claus and Spiderman at a Christmas event added a unique and entertaining twist to the holiday celebration, proving that even iconic figures from different realms can find themselves in amusing rivalries during the festive season.

Watch the video to witness the festive showdown that left party attendees and online viewers alike in cheerful amusement.

Reactions as Santa Clause clashes with Spiderman at Christmas party

@Max1Brownie said: “Haha spider man won take father Christmas glory.”

@SamuelEverest5 asked: “Why Santa Dey bully Spiderman naw?”

@Patomoney_ said: “Father Christmas dey chase Spiderman.

This can’t be real.”

@IfeanyiOty said: “I watched this video for more than ten times.”

@Farouq__SG said: “What’s the problem of that father Christmas, must he be the only one there?”

@IfeanyiOty said: “But come to think of it, how can a father Christmas drag out a whole almighty spider man?”