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“All the abuuse I’m facing in my husband house is because of my children future”- Bewaji replied fans who accused Portable of beaating her (Watch)

The wife of the rapidly emerging singer Portable, Omobewaji, replied to a critic who attacked her for standing by him despite allegations of physical abuse. Earlier, Omobewaji had posted on her Instagram page to celebrate Portable’s 30th birthday. Asserting her position as his primary queen, she expressed her love for him and described him as an extraordinary man who brings immense joy and happiness to her life. She expressed gratitude for their shared moments and wished him another year filled with adventures and cherished memories.

A critic, unsatisfied with her admiration for a man accused of abuse, ridiculed her in the comments, pointing out the contradiction between calling him “amazing” while enduring his mistreatment. Reacting defiantly, Bewaji challenged the troll to reveal their true identity and questioned what struggles they might be facing at home. She explained that she remains with her husband for the sake of her children’s stability, determined not to subject them to the challenges of having multiple fathers.

“Olofo. You suppose use your real account comment if them born your mama well werey. Please, can you tell us what you are going through in your home too Olofo. If I stay in my husband’s house till now na because of my children because I can’t be among of you 5 children 5 fathers. Anything I see in my husband’s house na because of my children tomorrow werey”.