All for you dad because every second and moment count, Mercy Aigbe’s step daughters show massive support for her project

Kazim Adeoti’s support for his wife Mercy Aigbe’s upcoming film is evident through the video he shared on social media. In the video, Kazim and his daughters from his first marriage are seen wearing vests with the title of Mercy Aigbe’s film prominently displayed. This heartwarming gesture not only shows their support but also promotes the upcoming film.

The father-daughter encounter captured on camera adds a personal touch to their endorsement of the film. Their encouraging message to the viewers builds anticipation for the film’s release in December 2023. The family’s involvement in promoting Mercy Aigbe’s project highlights their close-knit bond and their belief in her work.

As the new month begins, Kazim Adeoti and his daughters warmly welcome it while counting down to the premiere of Mercy Aigbe’s film. Their unity and support in her endeavors are a testament to the strength of their family.

“Happy new month!Today is the beginning of a fresh wave as we countdown to the global release of ADA OMO DADDY blockbuster movie.Let us all make every second and every moment count in this month of November.This is the only month that starts with “NO” hence l pray that there shall be no loss, no misfortune, no calamity and no accident for us and members of our family.This new month is going to be full of blessings and testimonies Insha Allah.Come December 15th, ADA OMO DADDY will hit the cinemas nationwide.We are ready!!!Wishing you the best of the new month.”

Kazim Adeoti played a significant role in realizing Mercy Aigbe’s dream of going on Hajj earlier this year. The couple embarked on their pilgrimage following their successful hosting of their inaugural Ramadan lecture.

The actress, Mercy Aigbe, expressed her gratitude and excitement as she shared photos of herself and her husband at the international airport, prepared for their pilgrimage journey. This was her first experience of attending Hajj, and she documented the moment with heartfelt appreciation, posting the pictures on her Instagram page.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng