After moving to the US, I took up cab driving to provide for my family – Nollywood actor Femi Brainard.

Nollywood star Femi Brainard has opened up about his decision to move to the US and work as a cab driver to provide for his family. Despite the economic challenges, he expressed a preference for being a recognized figure in Nigeria over anonymity abroad. Brainard discussed his journey with comedian Teju Babyface on his podcast.

“The actor confessed to taking up the role of a cab driver in America solely to provide for his family. He shared how people, particularly Nigerian travelers, often stare at him in disbelief, questioning if he truly is the renowned celebrity they recognize.

“He expressed frustration, stating, ‘America doesn’t acknowledge your fame or honor your status as a celebrity.’

“Reflecting on the challenges of living abroad, Brainard acknowledged moments of pity for his wife due to their mutual struggles. He mentioned her reluctance to the idea of relocating overseas.

“He lamented the discomfort of encountering fellow Nigerians who were surprised by his difficult circumstances.

“Brainard revealed his financial strain, recounting a moment of breaking down in a parking lot overwhelmed by high bills and the pressing need to pay rent.”

He expressed, “There were times when it was incredibly tough, and I had no money in hand. I remember one day standing in the parking lot of our apartment, tears streaming down my face, thinking to myself, ‘I brought this woman here.’ People in America don’t understand the struggle… I had to provide for my family.

“I met this couple at the airport, and the husband recognized me as Femi Brainard. He approached me and asked what I was doing there.

“Despite the challenges in Nigeria, I’d rather be a respected figure and a recognized personality in a flawed system than come to a place where I feel like nobody. The issue of rent still weighs heavily on my mind.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng