Adewunmi Fatai, the ex-partner of Mustapha Sholagbade, reveals insights into their breakup, stating that he focused more on sharing his breakfast on social media than on addressing issues with his baby mama.

Adewunmi Fatai, the mother of Nollywood star Mustapha Sholagbade, has recently spoken out about their difficult separation. In an upcoming podcast interview with Debbie Shokoya, she disclosed that she discovered their split through the internet after Mustapha gave an interview explaining why he couldn’t marry her. Adewunmi expressed her disappointment that Mustapha didn’t communicate with her about the interview, emphasizing that they were still together at the time. She refuted Mustapha’s claim of her insulting his mother, highlighting instances where Mustapha’s mother didn’t acknowledge her efforts, even after she underwent a Caesarean Section(CS) to deliver their child, and instead demanded she kneel to greet her and others.

Adewunmi stated that Mustapha changed overnight and at first, she thought they were just having relationship issues until she read on the internet that he was set to tie the knot.

“I chop my own breakfast for internet. I was still dating him when he granted an interview saying he isn’t marrying me anymore because I insulted his mother. We were together till I gave birth, he was with me in the labor room. So suddenly he just changed, which at first, I believed was a relationship issue until I read on a blog that he was set to marry.

She claimed I wasn’t ready for marriage, just wanted a child, and insulted my mother. When his mother asked if she gave birth to a child, it was a year after we broke up. How could I abuse someone who didn’t even congratulate me on giving birth? I had a C-section, and his family visited days later, expecting me to kneel despite my recent surgery. This guy has been disrespectful to my mom multiple times.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng