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Actress Adediwura Black Gold celebrates daughter as she turns 7

Nollywood actress Adediwura Black Gold is beaming with joy as she celebrates her daughter, Precious Princess, on her 7th birthday today.

In a heartwarming Instagram post, the proud mother shared a picture of her daughter along with a heartfelt message:

“See who is 7 today 💃💃💃 Our Precious Princess of the Most High FiFi @princess_hyrate05 ♥️♥️♥️ Keep growing under God’s wings 🙏 Much love.”

The celebration of Precious Princess’s birthday not only showcases the bond between a mother and her daughter but also invites well-wishes and love from friends, family, and fans. Adediwura Black Gold’s expression of gratitude and blessings for her daughter emphasizes the significance of family and the joy that comes with witnessing the growth of a child under the guidance of divine protection. 🎉👑💖

Infotrend news recall that Actress Adediwura Blarkgold has drawn the attention of many of his fans online with her new video on Instagram.

The actress holds two different types of cucumber using them to demonstrate the kind of prik she do collect from her husband.

Adediwura Gold reveals that when she started receiving the gbolla with the husband,the size is a bit smaller but the small always take her to full stop no until she change the size of his gbolla, then she is reaching the exact point and things are getting better.

She even went ahead and beg her fans that if they could see another one bigger so she could tried that one out too.

Fans and followers laugh with different forms of emoji over the video.