Actors jubilant as Lere Paimo is gifted brand new vehicle, N550k cash [VIDEO]

Nigerian film actors, particularly those in the Yoruba subset of Nollywood, are rejoicing as Lere Paimo, popularly known as Eda Onileola or Ogbori Elemosho, receives a heartfelt gift – a brand new car and a cash gift of five hundred and fifty thousand Naira. The 84-year-old veteran actor, dressed in white, was visibly moved and speechless as he was presented with this generous gesture.

Apostle SMO Mustapha, also known as Baba Sebioba, the founder of Seed of Christ Golden Church, had the honor of presenting Lere Paimo with the car. The moment was captured in a heartwarming scene where the seasoned actor received the car key along with the cash gift. Kunle Afod, another actor who recently paid a visit to Lere Paimo, shared the news and disclosed that fans had generously donated money for the elderly actor. In addition to the cash gift Kunle Afod had given earlier, a sum of N550k was contributed by fans.

The announcement on Kunle Afod’s post sparked jubilant reactions from fellow actors, who celebrated the veteran actor’s good fortune and praised Kunle Afod for being a blessing to him. The shared joy and prayers in the comments reflect the camaraderie and support within the Nollywood community, especially when it comes to celebrating the achievements and well-being of their esteemed colleagues.

The post, accompanied by expressions of gratitude and excitement, underscores the unity and compassion that transcends the on-screen performances, creating a familial bond among Nigerian actors. As Lere Paimo enjoys the newfound blessings, the collective joy shared among the Nollywood community stands as a testament to the industry’s resilience and solidarity. 🎉🚗💰

The post was captioned:

“Apostle Mustapha (baba sebioba) @babasebiobaofficial present a new car to baba Lere Paimo (baba Eda) and am so pleased to witness it as I was able to add some cash gift from fans that have also send me to him ….

I give God the glory and also appreciate evervone that sent me to baba….”

See some reactions from fellow actor and Kunle Afod’s post below:

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng