Actor Yomi Solade Overjoyed as He Enjoys Quality Time with Veteran Actress Sola Sobowale Saying “God Has Bless Our Hustle”

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Yomi Solade, a seasoned actor in the Nigerian entertainment industry, recently had a delightful encounter with another iconic figure in the industry, Sola Sobowale. Their meeting clearly filled him with immense joy and nostalgia, as he expressed in a video clip he shared.

In his heartfelt caption accompanying the video, Yomi Solade emphasized the longevity of their careers in acting. This statement implies that both Yomi Solade and Sola Sobowale have spent a significant amount of time in the industry, likely facing numerous challenges and milestones together. Their enduring presence and relevance in the acting world are a testament to their talent and dedication.

Moreover, Yomi Solade’s mention of “ACTING feeds us” reflects the profound connection both actors have with their craft. Acting is not just a profession but a passion that sustains them both personally and professionally. It provides them with livelihoods, fulfills their creative aspirations, and allows them to make a meaningful impact on audiences.

The phrase “GOD Being the 1st” at the end of his caption underscores the importance of faith and gratitude in their lives. It suggests that they attribute their success and longevity in the industry to a higher power, acknowledging the role of spirituality and providence in their careers.

Overall, Yomi Solade’s post celebrates the enduring friendship and shared journey of two accomplished actors in the Nigerian entertainment scene, highlighting their love for acting and their appreciation for the divine blessings that have guided their paths.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng