Actor Muyiwa Ademola expresses sweet appreciation for his beloved wife, the special one in his life.

Nollywood star Muyiwa Ademola shared a heartfelt tribute to his wife, Omolara Ademola, on International Women’s Day, calling her “Akanke” and expressing admiration for her and women everywhere. He described her as special, angelic, and celebrated the strength of women globally.

To my cherished wife, to all the remarkable women out there—strong, angelic, and special—you are all adored and cherished. Today is your day. ❤️

Recently, Infotrend news highlighted a heartwarming incident involving Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola, who was deeply moved when a lady prayed for him during a visit to Mecca.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the lady, believed to be a fan of the actor, offered heartfelt prayers for him and his family for the upcoming year.

Grateful and touched by her gesture, Muyiwa expressed his appreciation, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging kindness. He also extended his gratitude to others who have similarly shown support, whether openly or discreetly.

“Thank you for your prayers 🙏🏽. I am immensely grateful for this, my wonderful sister. Every act of kindness holds great significance to me @temidayobabatunde74. To all those who have offered prayers and support, known or unknown to me, may your kindness be rewarded abundantly, and may you never lack blessings. Warafanahu monkana Aliyah.”

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng