Abi something dy happen to me or is all woman Since begging of this year, Darealsola open up she need boyfriend (Details)

Is something happening to me, or is it a universal experience for women? Since the beginning of this year, Darealsola has opened up about her desire for a boyfriend. According to her Instagram handle, @darealsola, she posted that she hasn’t had any man express interest in her since the start of the year, and she’s starting to wonder if it’s just her or every woman facing this. She mentioned that she had a boyfriend last year who turned out to be a liar, but this year seems different.

In her Instagram profile, she boldly declares her need for a boyfriend, emphasizing that she’s not looking for a husband. She goes on to express her frustration, noting that many of her friends have already had multiple introductions with guys this year, while she’s still searching for that special someone. It’s a candid reflection on the challenges of dating and relationships in the modern world.

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