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“Abeg Who Force This Two To Marry?”– Trending Video Of Two Young Ladies And Young Man Mood On Their Wedding Day Stir Reaction

A video trending on social media shows the Moment a little boy and girl get wedded together as a couple and the kind of reaction posed by the girl.

The girl looked unhappy as if someone was forcing her to the wedding with the guy.

How on earth will young boys and girls force themselves into an early marriage when elderly ones are looking for means to come out of it.

Abeg who force this two marry ?

See social media reaction below;

Abktruth wrote: Am not a certified stylist but I don’t think the ka bag was necessary 😂.

Efewarriboys wrote: Nedu you might to invite the guy for your podcast. We have to know the truth 😂

Diamondbrushblush wrote: This one Oga is screwing the ring Into her finger 😃😃😃…Na by force? It’s his shoes for me too

The_african_aladdin wrote: It was a bet between the 2 guys. 😂 😂 They had bet who will lose the bet is the one who will marry that girl… Now you can see how the winner of the bet is smiling back left there. 😂😂😂

Mikeway_comedy wrote: This is just how people use their hand to dig there own grave don’t false love, you don’t buy love. This is for lifetime 😂😂

Chiks_jacob wrote: The groom tire na begin laugh himself for the kain wahala him don enter ,pastor you sef for borrow brother shie na shey na brown brown una wear 😂🤣 😆 😄 😂

Abutex_luxurycars wrote: Uganda 🇺🇬 and Kenya 🇰🇪,This is hw they wedding be like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #kenya #uganda

Watch The Video Below;