Abeg Shey Na Only Me Born All This Pikin, Mercy Johnson Spend Time With Her Kids After Work, Netizen Gushes Over Them

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson recently shared heartwarming moments with her four children, giving her fans a glimpse into their precious time together. In a set of videos, her children’s excitement was evident as they warmly greeted their mother after her work, creating a joyous atmosphere.

During the interaction, Mercy Johnson playfully claimed to be the mother of all four, and her eldest daughter, Purity, joined in the fun by attempting to block the camera. In response, the actress jokingly threatened to handle the situation, evoking laughter and smiles from her children.

In the video, Mercy Johnson expressed her delight at spending time with her kids, showcasing the love and bond they share as a family. It was a heartwarming moment for both the actress and her fans, who could see the joy and affection that filled the atmosphere.

Mercy Johnson was captured wearing a stylish Ankara skirt and blouse ensemble, complemented by a matching headwrap, while her children donned casual attire. The video serves as a beautiful testament to the importance of family and the cherished moments shared between a mother and her children.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng