Abeg make Una stream my boyfriend song OYINMO, Azeezat Osuala open up for her love feelings for Youngi Duu in a TikTok viral video.

Azeezat Osuala’s emotional revelation about her boyfriend, Youngi Duu, has caught attention on TikTok, where she passionately urged viewers to stream his song “OYINMO.” The viral video, featured in a live session on TikTok with Azeezat Osuala and her Seas, sheds light on their financial discussion.

In the candid conversation, when Azeezat was asked for money, she explained that her financial situation was tight because her boyfriend, Youngi Duu, hadn’t provided her with funds. Undeterred by this, Azeezat Osuala took the opportunity to appeal to the TikTok community, asking them to stream Youngi Duu’s latest song, “OYINMO.” She emphasized that supporting his music would not only be a gesture of love but also a means to assist him financially.

The plea for listeners to give “OYINMO” a stream is both a testament to Azeezat’s support for her boyfriend’s musical endeavors and a creative way to seek financial assistance. The power of social media is evident as Azeezat Osuala utilizes TikTok as a platform to connect with a wider audience and garner support for Youngi Duu’s music.

As the TikTok video gains traction, it serves as a unique and personal way for fans and music enthusiasts to engage with the artist’s work. The call to “Give it a listen and show some love!” resonates not just as a plea for streaming but also as an expression of the couple’s journey in the realm of music and relationships.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng