A fresh video surfaces showing the moment Mohbad cried while speaking about a white substance forcefully given to him.

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A recent video has surfaced online, depicting Mohbad in a state of distress, tearfully recounting an unsettling encounter involving a white substance and a gun forcefully pressed against his head.

This video has emerged in the wake of Mohbad’s reported demise, followed by his hasty burial the very next day. On September 12, news of Mohbad’s passing circulated, sparking speculation and rumors surrounding the circumstances of his death.

Various claims emerged, with some suggesting that an ear infection had caused his untimely demise, while others alleged that he had been subjected to fatal assault.

Amidst these speculations, a media outlet known as “gistlover” issued a statement shedding light on the alleged mistreatment suffered by Mohbad at the hands of NDLEA (Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency) officials.

The media channel took to its platform to describe the distressing incident involving Mohbad, in which he was reportedly struck on the head with a gun and compelled to ingest an unidentified white substance.

This revelation has added to the growing questions and concerns surrounding Mohbad’s death, prompting discussions and calls for transparency regarding the events leading up to his passing.

On September 12, Mohbad was announced dead and was buried the next day. On the day of his death and the following days, allegations began to arise regarding the possible cause of death of the Nigerian singer.

Rumors claimed he died of an ear infection, while many others claimed he was assaulted to death.

In the midst of this, a statement has been made by a media channel called “gistlover” regarding the ill treatment received by Mohbad in the hands of NDLEA officials.

The media account took to its page to speak about the moment Mohbad was hit with a gun on his head and forced to take an unknown white substance.

See revised version of the post below:

gistloverblog_mediaoutlet “Dear @ndlea_nigeria, I will be extremely upset with you all, and we won’t take this lightly—I promise, we won’t. I’ve made it clear that I’m fully prepared for this, and I’m ready to go to any lengths with you. Mohbad will be your last victim, I assure you.

“PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, THIS IS A CONFESSION FROM THE LATE MOHBAD ABOUT HOW @ndlea_nigeria gave only him a white substance at their office.”

“Do you all remember I told you how Naira paid @ndlea_nigeria to come after Mohbad, framing him with drug allegations? They came, roughed him up, even slammed a gun against his head, which caused him some injuries.”

“He had to recover from that as well. So, upon arriving at their office, he wasn’t the only one apprehended, but he was the only one given the substance.”

“Since when did NDLEA become a place for administering medicines or anything like that? You all made life a living hell for this boy. @ndlea_nigeria, you are not innocent. We are kindly asking for answers now.”

“No response is coming from any quarters. It’s starting like this; it began this way with End SARS. It’s starting this way again.”

“If there’s anyone not to be messed with, it’s the youth. We need answers. What did you give Imole to drink? He wasn’t the only one picked up as instructed by your sponsor, Naira Marley. We’ll unite as one and this will be a lengthy battle, trust me.”

“You better start talking, TALK, NDLEA TALK! A person dies, it’s not a chicken. Don’t let the youths take to the streets with placards demanding answers before you take action.”

“We’re waiting! Let’s all massively march to @ndlea_nigeria’s page too; they have questions to answer. ENIKUUURE.”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng