A Fast-rising Nigeria Musician – Gjoe Victor – JINGIRI crooner, Escaped Deæth.

I thank God for the gift of Life, Be wise and Trust Nobody, ” Don’t allow anybody to play smart on your Intelligence, Because It is not Everybody that smiles at you really likes you, but They only Pretends to be your Best Friend, just because of what they wanted to achieved from you But be Smart and be Diplomatic so that They wouldn’t be smarter than you.

I returned all the Glory to the Almighty God for his Mercy once again in my life, for making me to be among the Living and also makes me to be an Unstoppable for all my Enemies, despite all there Plans and there Networking on me to get me down, Yet I Scraped through. And the Lord mercifully restored back all my Stolen Glory and my Destiny for me, And That is why I am Dancing like The King David’s dance Because Victory at Last.

Although it’s a Serious matter because, I Lost Everything that I have during the issue and I also sustained injury that makes me to spent Millions of naira on finding The Right Solution to it, Just to make sure that Everything is back to Normal, and I also Auctioned my Properties to Sustained my Life Because I don’t want to die Untimely, And that was why I later Used what I have to get what I need, Because a Man has to give all what he hath for his Life” Job 2 vs 4. it’s a long Story.

I thank God for not Forsaken me because, “Glory Retrievement Battle is a Deadly Battle ” and despite how Tough the matter was, I did not Desist from serving God to the Extent that, some People’s thought was that, I will die on the matter But at last, God saved me, Mark 9 vs 23, If you Believed in God, All things are Possible.I gave Kudos to my Golden and lovely sweet Mum, that stands strong with me, with Faith and also Triggered me with the word of God and some few Anointed men of God that also Surported me to build up my Faith and my prayer ability, may God continue to bless them more in Jesus mighty name. it's a Long story But you can also get more details by searching for " Gjoe Victor - KILOFAJA narrowly escaped And Gjoe Victor - THANK GOD "

May God punished all my Enemies.

  • But finally, Never fall anybody to Rise, And don’t run Faster than your shadow Because, whatever you Sow in this Life, you shall reap it And The Almighty God is a God of Vegeance.
  • This life is Spiritual, But try to be more Prayerful and be Faithful to God, so that your Enemy will not Overcome you..

I’m Gjoe Victor.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng