A day I will never forget, Lady cries, spends her life savings to save her brother’s life, but ended up losing him

A Nigerian lady has captured the attention of many people by sharing a post detailing how she used her life savings to try to save her brother’s life but ended up losing him to the cruel hands of fate.

In the video, captioned “A day I will never forget,” the lady can be seen shedding tears while holding an unspecified amount of money, believed to be her life savings that she had planned to use to save her brother’s life.

She also displayed a savings box from which the money was originally saved before she broke it open to retrieve her funds.

The actions of the lady in the video, along with the caption describing the incident, drew the attention of people who immediately took to the post’s comment section to react.

See some reactions below:

perppy perppy: “‎Same thing happened to me, I used all my life time savings to save my mom but our house got burnt together with her on the sick bed.”

just mercy105: “‎so sorry honey i feel ur pain just be strong and move on.”

user2587783792239: “‎that’s what happen to me on Monday my son pass away I miss him so much rip mahbub iremide.”

Asa_armani: “‎may the lord comfort you and wipe your tears, may his soul rest in the bossom of the lord.”

IAmGibi: “‎M’y condoléance my dear I understand your pain cause am in same shoe.”

riche_al: “‎sorry dear God is in control rip may God continue protecting him were ever he is pls stop crying.”

Nana Abena Eyiram: “‎Asem oooo hmmm. I think is only me ooo oh God why the same thing happens to me, I lost my younger sister.”


Sources: Infotrend.com.ng