7 Reasons Why I Insist I’m Still Bigger Than Zubby Michael – Timini Egbuson

Zubby Michaels and Timini have been causing a stir following a clip from their TV show “Ebuka Turns Up Africa,” where Zubby humorously claimed he would purchase Timini after Timini declared himself the greatest actor in Africa.

In a recent interview with Cool FM, Timini is standing firm on his statement and enumerating seven reasons why he maintains he surpasses Zubby. When questioned about his confidence in being a bigger actor than Zubby, Timini responded:

TIMINI EGBUSON: So the thing about it is if you watch the show, I wasn’t talking about Zubby. I speak my shit everytime everywhere I go. I consider myself the biggest actor. It wasn’t about bigger than Zubby, it was about bigger than everybody else. Do you understand? So Zubby took it personal which is obvious because he’s also an actor that thinks that he’s big. At the end of the day, what really matters is that we’re all sha still feeding our families. But if we now decide to now break it down

statistically speaking in terms of (1) the qualities of movies that we shoot, (2) the range of movies that we shoot, (3) the number of movies that we’ve shot, (4) the box office records, (5) popularity among the industry experts and people that are actually moving the industry forward, and (6) years of relevance and (7) years of consistency. If we put them together, there’s no way that Zubby will score higher than me. 100 percent.

I’m an avid supporter of Zubby, truly 100%. His work, presence, and brand captivate me. What I’m advocating for is elevating actors as celebrities on a global scale. Few truly embody the glamor of the industry like Zubby does. When was the last time actors dominated social media for days? Zubby’s star power is undeniable.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng