4 month without sending money for his child, Portable’s 2nd babymama blows hot as she calls out singer (Video)

portables 2nd babymama blows hot as she calls out singer

The well-known singer Portable’s second child’s mother, Keji, recently expressed her frustration regarding the singer’s failure to fulfill his responsibilities as their baby’s father.

During a live session on her TikTok account, Keji repeatedly attempted to contact Portable, asking for financial assistance to support their child, but received no response from him.

Keji revealed that for the past four months, the ‘zazu crooner’ has not provided any financial support for their child’s well-being. She also mentioned feeling taken advantage of due to her calm and respectful nature towards him.

During the live session, Portable, who was present, couldn’t remain composed and began making indirect remarks aimed at her.

Despite her anger, she firmly cautioned Portable to focus on his own affairs and exercise some self-control. You can view the video below for more details.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng