“001 Mama Zeh, My strongest woman” – Portable’s 4th babymama celebrates Portable’s first wife on her birthday

Nigerian singer Portable’s fourth baby mama and actress, Ashabi, has praised his first wife, Bewaji, on her birthday. Infotrend reported that In a now-deleted post, Ashabi described Bewaji as the strongest woman she knows, showering her with compliments for her beauty and amazing personality. She also sent her heartfelt prayers.

“Happy birthday to a beautiful and amazing woman, 001 Mama Zeh. May God bless your new age and all that concern you, more good years in good health and everlasting joy. Higher you I pray, my strongest woman.

Hours before Portable dragged Bewaji for disrespecting him on her birthday by calling herself “The Queen of herself”, she posted an Instagram caption that triggered him. Portable, known for speaking his mind, expressed his displeasure over her caption, demanding respect and warning her not to fall into the trap of haters.

During an Instagram live session, he threatened to kick her out of their matrimonial home if she didn’t change the caption. Bewaji later succumbed to the pressure, taking down the post and updating her Instagram bio.

It’s surprising to see Ashabi celebrating her senior wife, especially after Portable accused her of trying to ruin their marriage. There were rumors that the controversial singer had assaulted his wife, but Bewaji debunked them, accusing people of trying to sabotage her husband’s life and career. Portable also denied the reports and accused his baby mama, Ashabi, of spreading lies about their marriage.

Last year, Ashabi angrily addressed her trolls on Instagram live after they mocked her following a loved-up video of Portable and his wife. She assured netizens that Portable wouldn’t leave her and insisted she would never intrude on her senior wives.

In a previous post, Ashabi expressed her indifference whenever Portable flaunted his wife, noting that he was married with multiple baby mamas before her. She questioned who would help her take care of Portable if she succeeded in driving away Zainab, emphasizing that she alone could handle him. Ashabi even prayed for their marriage.

Sources: Infotrend.com.ng